Blockchain for Lawyers Course

· August 25, 2020

Smart contracts will revolutionize the legal professional and business landscape.

The Blockchain for Lawyers course provides legal professionals the tools necessary to be part of a digital future. This Online self-paced course teaches the basics of blockchain and smart contract technology. Hands-on examples will demystify the phenomenon of blockchain and introduce simple but effective strategies to use smart contracts today. The techniques taught allow legal professionals to combine their unique domain knowledge with real-world smart contract agreements, offering their clients the best of both worlds.

This program is designed for Legal and Regulatory professionals in various job functions who are looking to help their organization leverage blockchain technologies. Specific job titles that would benefit from this program include Lawyer, Counsel, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Paralegal, Solicitor, Litigation Executive, Barrister, Judge, IT Systems Manager, and other legal professionals who seek to broaden their skills in this high-demand field while leveraging their unique domain expertise.

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Blockchain for Lawyers
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