Certified Blockchain Business Professional – Finance

The Blockchain Business Professional Program provides business leaders with the knowledge, strategy, and implementation framework to deploy blockchain technology. Afterward, you will be able to apply creative solutions to your company in order to reduce costs and strengthen security. Find new areas of growth within your company and career by leveraging blockchain. Comprised of self-paced learning and live instructor-led workshops, this 75 instructional hour program provides you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and attend regularly scheduled live seminars as they are available. The idea building and business planning workshops within the Enterprise Blockchain Strategy course pull together this certificate program’s key lessons.

Courses included in this bundle

  • Blockchain Foundations : OnDemand - Self-Paced
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Intensive : OnDemand - Self-Paced
  • Blockchain Development Decision : OnDemand - Self-Paced
  • Enterprise Blockchain Strategy : Live - Instructor Webinar
  • Blockchain and the Financial Services Sector : OnDemand - Self-Paced
  • Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course : OnDemand - Self-Paced

Course Content

Certified Blockchain Business Professional - Finance
Course 1 - Blockchain Foundations
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Course Includes

  • 98 Lessons
  • 4 Exams