Certified Blockchain Finance Professional

· January 7, 2022

Crypto and Blockchain Job Listings have surged 615% since August 2020 – LinkedIn

The Certified Blockchain Finance Professional program is designed for existing finance sector professionals and students to understand digital currencies and blockchain technology, focusing on adoption and use within the financial sector. Learners begin with grasping blockchain fundamentals and cryptocurrencies before moving into crypto trading and a deep dive into the implication this technology directly has on the financial and accounting sectors.

Understanding FinTech, specifically blockchain’s impact and implementation of standards within the Financial Sector, will equip current and graduating finance professionals with the necessary knowledge to navigate industry changes and gain a competitive edge. The Crypto Trading portion of the course provides an in-depth understanding of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency marketplace. Learners gain an insight into the investment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, along with key knowledge on how to manage these investments. If you’re interested in taking a single class for now check out some of our individual courses available here. Credit from your individual course can be used towards your bundled certification should you decide to continue.

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Certified Blockchain Supply Chain Professional
Course 1 - Blockchain Foundations
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