New Student Orientation

Course, Program, Badges, and Platform Information

Welcome from the Instructor and Chairman of the Govt. Blockchain Association

Bryant Nielson, Blockchain Instructor
Bryant Nielson, Chairman of the Government Blockchain Association and The Blockchain Academy, and Director of Technical Training at Block One

My name is Bryant Nielson Chairman of both the Government Blockchain Association and The Blockchain Academy, as well as the Director of Technical Training at Block One.

Blockchain is the ultimate disruptive technology of our time. Everything you have come to know about society and how we interact with one another is about to change. Congratulations on taking the initiative to understand Blockchain Technology and its profound disruptive potential.

Blockchain and related technologies will impact at least 50 well-known long-established industries in the next 3-5 years by some estimates. Finance, Voting, Supply Chain, Cyber-Security, Insurance, Real Estate, Music, and even Gaming, are a few industries that may be impacted. That is not to mention all the new technologies and innovations that are sure to spring up due to the Blockchain revolution.

Regardless of your background and experience, our educational content will take you from a blockchain novice to a verified blockchain professional, and in time an expert. Non-technical professionals can access industry-specific knowledge in Healthcare, Finance, Supply Chain, Insurance, Accounting, Law, and Regulation. On the technical front, developers of all backgrounds can enjoy the benefits of the platform’s support of Ethereum, Linux’s Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, and EOS blockchains.

Blockchain Hub 360: Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

Blockchain Hub 360

Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

The Blockchain Hub 360 is built on a next-generation digital learning environment designed to meet the changing needs of the Continuing Education and Workforce Development market. The platform provides our University partners and students with a robust set of tools and services that deliver seamless online learning and networking experiences on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

Key features of the platform are:

Access your courses via the 'My Courses' links at the top and side navigation menus;

Resume Course

The 'Resume Course' button on the course homepage takes you directly to the precise lesson and video timeline location from where you last left off;

Course Focus

You can customize your online course experience by tapping on the 'maximize' and 'minimize' icons on the upper left and right of your course screen;

Upload your resume, customize your profile page, add a video welcome message, and promote your micro-credentials and certifications from your 'My Profile' page;

Zoom Integration

Coordinate Zoom meetings for team projects, collaborations, Blockchain meetup groups, and more.

The 'My Groups' link allows you to organize and participate in class zoom sessions, discussions, forums, team building, solution architecting, product incubation, demo days, collaborative projects, and more;

Public groups offers access to online job fairs, hackathons, information sessions, virtual Blockchain conferences, guest lectures, webinar events, and more;

Upload and share documents, presentations, and photos via the 'My Documents' page;

Explore, connect, and interact with the entire Blockchain Hub network of students, professionals, developers, employers, instructors, and venture funding sources;

Explore our member's community, request connections, post network updates, schedule zoom meetings, and more;

Badges and Credentialing

Badges represent a way of acknowledging achievements or skill acquisition at a more granular level than a college degree. Credentials and microcredentials – the use of Blockchain and badges in higher education – continue to gain traction to acknowledge achievement and establish qualifications in various professional and technical fields.

In higher education, badges are becoming the preferred way to recognize microcredentials, units of study that focus on particular skills or competencies. Badges represent microcredentials in the way that a diploma represents a degree.

Badges also help employers understand specific skills that a prospective employee offers. For learners looking to upskill or reskill to meet professional goals, badges can provide field-specific training in a particular area. Recent evidence suggests growing acceptance among employers of badges as a means to evaluate potential employees.

We issue micro-credentials for each completed Blockchain course with a score of 70% or better on the course final exam. We also issue certification credentials for completing one of our business, developer, or professional track certificate programs.

What’s more, our next-gen digital learning platform publishes each of your micro-credential badges and program certifications directly to your ‘My Profile’ page. As part of our quest to provide the best learning and networking experience for our University partners and students, we are pleased to announce an exciting feature of the next release of the hub platform. ‘The Blockchain tech-talent pipeline initiative” offers a direct source for employers to search and identify candidates to fill one of the many job openings available in this growing industry.

We hope to announce this new initiative shortly.

The pace of change and innovation is consistently on the rise. The time is now to dig in, learn, and grow. We encourage you to engage your student colleagues to form new ideas, make bold plans, and ultimately execute.

Feel free to suggest enhancements and improvements to the learning environment and of best luck as you jump start your career learning the most in-demand skills of 2020, according to LinkedIn.